Long nights blend into short days that yield beautiful things



The CANDICE CUOCO studio is located in downtown LA’s fashion district, where a small team works directly with Candice as she designs and creates her next collection.


For all positions, you must be serious, professional, and know your schedule.

Do NOT apply if you:
Have a bad attitude
Don't work well with others
Are not a self starter
Please do apply if you’re:
Willing to learn and grow with Candice

All positions are based in DTLA and all applicants must be able to commute to Los Angeles.


If you are interested in applying for any of the below positions, please email a brief description of your background/experience to Melissa at info@candicecuoco.com.


If invited for an interview, be ready to demonstrate your skills and bring samples & or photos of your work.


All internships are unpaid in exchange for experience.


Hours are flexible, but we ask you to commit to at least four hours on the days you work, and expect you to show up as scheduled.



A fashion internship with CANDICE CUOCO is a unique opportunity to work directly with a renowned designer on a couture collection.


Fashion interns are involved in every stage, from design meetings to garment construction, and gain valuable hands-on experience in a working design house.


You must be experienced in one or more of sewing, patterning, draping and hand embellishments.



A marketing internship with CANDICE CUOCO encompasses a wide variety of tasks with the goal of promoting and expanding the CANDICE CUOCO brand.


Opportunities to contribute include researching and contacting buyers/press, developing social media and SEO strategies, exploring cross-marketing and collaboration opportunities, and merchandising the showroom store.


Experience isn’t necessary, but great ideas are.


CANDICE CUOCO does not currently have any paid positions open for hire.