“They say it’s a blessing and a curse to feel everything so deeply, but connected to these little pieces of earth, the stones and gems, I put my pain into purpose and evolve and elevate.

It’s a small reminder when I look down to love now, but also move forward and thrive to manifest nothing but GREATNESS.”

The CANDICE CUOCO Holiday Collection


I haven’t always been this woman: extremely confident; very much comfortable in my own skin; the do-it-all mom; the creativity; the BUSINESS!!

No, I was a young woman extremely touched by life in many ways that changed my foundation and personal beliefs. Life as a child rocked my core so hard, I think it broke me in many places that I didn’t understand how to fix. Or if it even should be fixed.

"I got into this fashion game because I saw Gaga's Bad Romance music video.

That's when I knew there was a place for me in fashion."