I got into this fashion game because I saw Gaga's Bad Romance music video.

That's when I knew there was a place for me in fashion.

The CANDICE CUOCO Holiday Collection


I haven’t always been this woman: extremely confident; very much comfortable in my own skin; the do-it-all mom; the creativity; the BUSINESS!!

No, I was a young woman extremely touched by life in many ways that changed my foundation and personal beliefs. Life as a child rocked my core so hard, I think it broke me in many places that I didn’t understand how to fix. Or if it even should be fixed.


Collections and what they mean to me go incredibly deep… get ready to swim guys.

I’d love to say that I created swimwear because I want to empower women to feel sexy while showing a little more skin than they’re used to. While that statement does hold truth, it goes a lot deeper than that one little powerful sentence. I do completely want woman to feel empowered in my swim collection– but why and where does that notion of me wanting to empower women even come from?