CANDICE CUOCO Featured in Eurasian Vogue

By Stacy Phan

From September 6th to 11th, 2018, New York Fashion Week powered by Art Hearts Fashion returned to the inspired location of The Angel Orensanz Venue.

​On September 9th, as one of the most anticipated designers of the Art Hearts week, Candice Cuoco‘s collection made its debut. Inspired by Veronica Franco, Candice Cuoco latest collection celebrates the duality of sexuality and intelligence of the female. ‘The Unboxing of the Female’ explores the multi layers of the female, the strength and the ‘acknowledgement of our knowledge’ as we stand in a time when women have never been more powerful.

​Included in the collection is stunning leather pieces synonymous with Cuoco, this time with the inclusion of hand painted pieces and dramatic dresses.

Cuoco tells me after the debut of her collection, “It’s almost as though women can be knowledgable, but then our sexuality has to be switched off. People always say my designs are dark, but they are actually still romantic, we are all of these things. It’s time we become really comfortable with being uncomfortable.”

Cuoco has undoubtedly pushed the boundaries in the most beautiful way with this collection. Juxtaposing the romance, with the darkness. Playing with the fluidity of movement in both her suits and intricate dresses.

​The finale dress alone (above), was a piece Cuoco envisioned for four months in her mind before she even put pen to paper to sketch. Taking two days to drape, two days to pattern, four days to make the eyelet hotels, punch them, place, fasten and eyelet each one of the 74 leather panels. And it didn’t stop there, it took an additional two hours with fourteen people, hand lacing the gown together backstage before the show. Cuoco is undoubtedly a designer that knows how to push the limits of her own imagination and takes us all along with her for the ride.

The collection is romantic, fluid in its movement but with a strong edge that represents the multi faceted layers of the female. Just like the designer herself, her pieces are intricate, with strength and softness and made with sophistication and intelligence. Cuoco’s collection tell us her story on the runway in this rich, beautiful and complex collection.