Lady Gaga: 2020 MTV Video Music Awards


The making of LADY GAGA’s bespoke CANDICE CUOCO jacket she wore to accept her TRICON AWARD. #LadyGaga #CandiceCuoco #VMA #bts #ShowAndTell

♬ original sound - Candice Cuoco

Lady Gaga’s Liquid Chrome Winged Jacket

Lady Gaga, a fucking QUEEN, accepting the TRICON AWARD at the 2020 MTV Video Music Awards in custom CANDICE CUOCO liquid chrome ruffled winged, train coat.

I made this jacket in one day. To save time, I skipped patterning and went straight to draping. I sewed most of the jacket on a single needle machine but had to hand finish the piece with a glover and pliers. I worked on it until 5am, took a nap and dropped her off at exactly 11:11am.