“SteFani”: Halloween 2021


Custom motorcycle patent leather jacket with a steel boned peplum & massive monster shoulders! #ladygagaedits #diy #leatherwork #fyp #sewingforyoupage

♬ Just Dance - Lady Gaga

Hello Little Monsters

It’s not a secret that Lady Gaga changed the direction of my entire career path, design aesthetic, and life. I’m sure my story isn’t unique here either. She’s ravaged the hearts of all of us. It’s about time I paid tribute to the fucking Queen (but of course designed in black) who rocked my whole world with her Monster Ball era. #LongLiveGaga

“Stefani” is a custom patent leather motorcycle jacket with a steel-boned peplum perfectly pieced out with alternating leathers. Massive monster shoulders are studded with diamonds and spikes, made by yours truly.