Candice debuts new collection SIRENS at NYFW

Project Runway’s CANDICE CUOCO debuted her new SS18 collection, SIRENS, at an exclusive NYFW runway event.


Drawing inspiration from the sea, each silhouette features fabrics and embellishments that embody the ocean’s depths. Leather and silk are awash in fin-like ruffles. Textured fabrics and intricate details evoke mysterious aquatic creatures. Dramatic draping and sophisticated patterning reflect the waves and spiraling nautilus patterns of the sea. SIRENS bewitches and enchants, conjuring a mermaid’s dark seduction.


[qodef_blockquote text=”I never liked rules, so I promised myself I would never create by them. Instead, I designed against them.” title_tag=”h4″ width=”100%”]

– Candice Cuoco