I like to wear my strength on my sleeve, where others wear their heart. I don’t have any one religion, but I trust in a larger idea than just myself. I have a deep connection to my intuition, now more than ever, and I have found peace and strength over the years through crystals and stones. They bring me back down to my solid foundation and root me deep into my purpose, hard. They say it’s a blessing and a curse to feel everything so deeply, but connected to these little pieces of earth, the stones and gems, I put my pain into purpose and evolve and elevate. It’s a small reminder when I look down to love now, but also move forward and thrive to manifest nothing but GREATNESS.

My heart swells in supporting small businesses like my own, so for the past few years, every time I have a calling to embrace a new piece into my collection, I’ve found my way into a little local antique shop in South Pasadena. Hodgson’s Antiques, run by Peggy and Mick, sells beautiful vintage pieces that inspire my soul.  At some of my darkest times over the years I have visited there, and always leave feeling partially healed in some way. Every milestone in my career I stop by and celebrate by collecting a ring or necklace with a stone in it to remember that moment by.

Now, I am deeply proud to present a collaboration with them, and share with you some truly special handmade pieces.

Intricate and beautiful rings and pendants with hidden compartments historically designed for poison, but equally able to hold the opposite. I’m drawn to things that open, that I can store a written note to myself in: my mantras, goals, thank yous, gratitude lists, and manifestations. I am honored to share these limited edition rings and necklaces with you, each with a perfect secret nook to keep your mantras and meditations. A very close reminder that you are GREATNESS.


From one soul to the next.
With hella love,